The Node4 Pro Cycling Mens Team


We believe that any business should be able to take advantage of the benefits that technology brings.

Launched in 2004, we have grown rapidly through our comprehensive service offering and the growth in demand for hosted IT from businesses all over the UK. Our competencies include colocation, managed hosting through dedicated servers and virtualised environments, connectivity, SIP trunking and hosted telephony. We have four state-of-the-art data centre facilities: two in Derby, one in Leeds and one in Northampton .  Our data centres offer the latest in security technology, ensuring that even the most mission-critical applications are hosted securely and protected.

In addition to our infrastructure of top class data centres and national network which deliver a great range of services, we have a strong business culture that is built around working with our customers.  We believe in flexibility because everyone is different and we view our customers as partners, working with you aiming for the best customer experience.


The Giordana brand has clothed cyclists for over 30 years.

It is a company born from the passion of a team of people at the top of the sport. The Giordana brand is produced exclusively in Italy from beginning to end. Each stage of the process– from technical research to fabric selection, to styling and the finishing of every last detail, to cutting and packaging– comes to life in the new modern factory of Bonferraro di Sorgà (VR).

Giordana is genuine “Made in Italy” apparel. It is extremely proud of this characteristic, which today is absolutly unique. Every year Giordana is growing its market share: it has dressed thousands of teams of professionals and amatures around the world. Giordana produces over one million three hundred thousand items per year and shows a positive continuing trend. It is this ability to partner with so many diverse teams that drives the brand’s success. At its core, it is a company that knows how to gather, interpret and anticipate the needs of all cyclists.

Giordana is very proud to be a partner of the Node4 Giordana Racing Team for 2012. Having supported the British based outfit for a number of years Giordana will be providing kit for both the men’s and women’s team from the FR_C Body Clone range, the very best cycle clothing available.

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The Node4 professional cycling team is an official partner of Subaru UK, a leading manufacturer of All-Wheel Drive vehicles.  The Japanese carmaker is continuing its support for 2013 by providing the team with three Legacy Diesel SE NavPlus models and two Outback Diesel SE models, all of which will provide surefooted all-terrain transport, whatever the weather.

Node4’s cyclists will make full use of each of the Subaru’s effortless load-lugging capabilities and fuel efficiency throughout the 2013 series, putting Subaru’s trademark permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive – which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary – to good use.

Many of Subaru’s customers take a keen interest in outdoor activities such as cycling so the shared support with the Node4 Giordana professional cycling team is a perfect match. Both the Subaru Legacy and Outback proved invaluable to the team in the 2012 season so with Subaru’s continued support in 2013 the Node4 team are confident they have the best vehicles to perform to the best of their ability.


Despite the increasing demands of a frenetic market we never cut corners when it comes to pure research…

Research into new materials, new geometric solutions, new systems, to use in our production process.

For us, research and new concepts are never just “marketing pre-tests”, but rather, true progress and innovation. This is why we are our own first testers. Everyday, we test tubes, frames, forks and components on the roads that surround us, testimonial sites of legendary feats, from Montello to the Dolomites.

And if they withstand our relentless tests, they are then passed onto champions and then onto you.

This is the only way we can be sure that we are offering you the very best.


“Schwalbe is the leading brand for bicycle tyres in the UK & Europe and is committed to being the best partner possible for Node4-Giordana. The Schwalbe Company is well known for its touring and mountain bike tyres, but its greatest ambition is to become the best brand for road racing tyres.

The team rides the excellent Ultremo HT (handmade tubular), which is produced solely in Schwalbe´s own tubular factory. The combination of traditional tubular manufacturing with the most modern compounding leads to a really outstanding product: very fast and reliable with excellent grip. It’s the best advantage possible for the team on rain-soaked roads and circuits on the continent and at home.

Schwalbe is extremely proud to be tyre partner for Node4-Giordana this coming season”

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Science in Sport was born twenty years ago from the desire of cyclist, Tim Lawson, to create a range of sports nutrition that would help you to train harder, race faster and recover quicker.

This is still at the heart of everything we do.

Our work with leading sports scientists, food technologists, and physicians alongside elite athletes, such as Sir Chris Hoy and Chris Boardman, has helped us to develop a range of products that has a strong following amongst endurance sports people around the world.

Our range includes everything you need for fast energy, effective hydration and strong recovery. We have award winning products, such as the world’s first isotonic gel: our Go-Gels provide energy fast without the need for any water.

Our products are made at an Informed Sport accredited facility to certify that ingredients are tested for banned substances.

We are delighted that SiS is part of the ritual for Team Node4-Giordana .

Science in sport – Part of the ritual.

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Rudy Project

For more than 25 years Rudy Project has been committed to technology and technological innovations that offer unique solutions for athletes and weekend warriors.

The unquestionable excellence of the Rudy Project line of products is a result of the desire and intuition to continuously create new ideas and to implement them in the form of development activities and quality management, on-going research in the field of materials, a rigorous program of experimentation and testing, and in interactive relationships with the recipients of the finished product.

The results are astonishing. The combination of design and professionalism, the merger of aesthetics and materials: the winning mix… Our magic. Our athletes. Our men and women. The stars of the Rudy Project World.


CORIMA S.A. was founded in 1973 by Mr Pierre MARTIN and Mr Jean-Marie RIFFARD and is based in Loriol sur Drôme in France. The word CORIMA is taken from COoperation RIffard Martin.

CORIMA has always worked with cycling professionals on both the track and road racing circuits. Our products have been involved in many prestigious victories and setting of new records around the world and continue to do so with numerous athletes. The Node4 Giordana racing team from Great-Britain have been riding CORIMA wheels for several years now and are great ambassadors for the CORIMA brand. Corima are once again very proud to be supporting the team in 2013.


Canditv is a market leader in mobile software and technology development.

Partnering with media agencies, digital screen networks, tourism bodies, local authorities, retailers and brands, Canditv enhances traditional out-of-home marketing and communications by exploiting the power and potential of mobile technology to engage and personalise every experience.

Specialists in audience engagement and real-time two way interaction, our technologies combine and integrate to create rich user experiences in a wide variety of contexts.


Diamant is a leader factory in the sport’s footwear since 1978. Design and Technology are the main goals of the company which has progressively increased his size during the years and has become a new reality currently employing approximately 1200 employees. Diamant finds its origins in the cycling field but it has been able to enlarge its productions over different fields like Football and Outdoor.
Thanks to its experience, Diamant represents the main reference point for engineering and development for Nike, one of the giant companies in the global sportswear field.

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